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NEW APPEAL: Cut the Snares, Save Gorilla Lives

More gorillas…In more forest…Facing more threats. They need your support. Help cut the snares and save gorillas' lives today.

In these difficult times, there is still one hope we can all cling onto. Not a single gorilla has been reported to have died of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. In the face of an unprecedented challenge, the ‘thin green line’ of rangers has held firm.

But success always comes at a price. And while we have been focusing on the biggest single existential threat gorillas face, the many other threats confronting them have not gone away. In fact, they have multiplied. Which is why gorillas urgently need your help once more.

Because the pandemic has put a stop to tourism, many more local people are struggling to feed themselves and their families. They are turning to the forest for game and for firewood. Every time the rangers come back from patrol, they tell us that they have found and destroyed even more deadly traps and snares.

In some areas, 40 times the usual number of snares are being discovered. This means gorillas are at 40 times greater risk of dying a cruel and agonizing death. And this threat is growing everywhere gorillas live.

In 2021 we urgently need to:

Destroy more deadly traps and cut more murderous snares Our rangers are removing and destroying up to 40 times as many traps and snares every time they patrol the forest. They’re not being set specifically to kill gorillas, but every single one of them could bring an agonizing death for one of these magnificent creatures. Will you help rangers find and destroy these deadly traps by donating to our Cut the Snares Appeal? 

Together we can:

...Stand between more poachers and the gorillas they threaten More desperately hungry people than ever are being forced into the gorillas’ forest home to hunt for food. They may not set out to harm gorillas, but their guns and their human diseases will still kill them. Will you help us keep our ‘thin green line’ in place?

Plant more trees to keep humans and gorillas apart By planting trees around the edge of the forest that can be used for firewood, we can help make sure that villagers never have to get close enough to gorillas to pass on human diseases that can devastate gorilla populations. Will you help us ‘close the gaps’?

Treat more wounded and sick gorillas Gorilla Doctors work in the heart of the forest, freeing gorillas from traps and treating their wounds. Without the vital help these skilled and dedicated vets provide, many more gorillas would die. Will you help?  Will you help by making a gift today?

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Download the Cut the Snares Appeal

Thank you.