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“Make it Safe” Christmas Appeal

Will you be a baby gorilla's guardian angel this Christmas?

This Christmas, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to save gorillas from extinction and we’re hoping against hope that you will help us take it.

You see, right now, because of the COVID-19 restrictions that are saving people’s lives in the countries where gorillas live, the chainsaws and hunting rifles have fallen silent. Even the poachers are locked down and are not setting cruel snares in the forests. In fact, the only humans anywhere near gorillas at the moment are rangers. And they’re witnessing something amazing.

Free from the stress caused by poachers, loggers and illegal miners, gorillas have been busy breeding. Rangers are reporting that very high numbers of gorilla babies are being born. They’re the future of their species. But they’re so very, very fragile.

In normal circumstances, one in four baby gorillas doesn’t even reach its first birthday. They’re incredibly vulnerable to diseases – especially human ones like COVID-19. And if their mothers have to run from hunters, who knows what might happen?

We simply have to keep them safe. It’s absolutely vital that we allow every single female baby to go on to have young herself and help gorillas beat extinction.

We urgently need your help once more this Christmas to protect these new baby gorillas and their families. We must take action to keep gorillas safe before the threats to their lives return. And with your help, we will.

Rangers tell us the best way for them to keep gorillas safe is by getting between them and the threats they will face. Before the guns and the deadly traps and the chainsaws can return.

When we asked the rangers what extra support they needed to protect more gorillas, they said the most important thing we could do right now is build permanent ‘forward bases’ in the very heart of the forest in places like Walikale.

Permanent outposts will mean they can spend more time on patrol and less time walking from the forest edge to the places where gorillas live. These will be basic structures designed to keep rangers dry in the worst of the rains, and a base for communications equipment and rations. Now we need your help to build them.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to keep gorillas safe. Will you help us take it this Christmas?

Once hunters, poachers and loggers are back in the forest, it will be too late. And it will never come back. I hope that you will help us use it to do everything in our power to keep precious baby gorillas safe. Thank you. 

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