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Gets Set for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge!

Rangers across Africa risk their lives to protect gorillas and other endangered species. Now they need help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tourism to a standstill. And without tourism revenues, the livelihoods of rangers are at risk…

For gorillas and many other species, rangers really are the last line of defence. They put their lives on the line to keep wildlife safe from poachers and to safeguard natural habitats. In many cases, rangers also protect tourists, including those visiting the wild gorillas of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

As the COVID-19 pandemic brings the world to a standstill, wildlife rangers across Africa are facing drastic cuts in salaries and resources. This not only threatens to leave them and their families destitute, it also risks leaving wildlife helpless against poachers.

To help the heroes of conservation, wildlife lovers around the world are invited to join the Wildlife Ranger Challenge. This is a unique running race with one goal: to raise money to support thousands of rangers and protect iconic African wildlife such as gorillas, elephants, pangolins, rhinos, and lions. Now is the time to go the extra mile—it’s time to race to support our rangers.

On October 3rd, lace up your shoes and walk or run virtually with more than 200 African Wildlife Rangers. Count each step as a move toward bringing ranger teams back up to pre Covid-19 capacity. Every step you take in solidarity will be logged and seen by the rangers participating in the challenge.

Find out more and sign up on the Wildlife Ranger Challenge website.