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Digit News – Conservation News from the Field

All recent editions of the Gorilla Organization newsletter are now available to download, featuring news from the field

The latest edition of our newsletter is now available to download.

Produced at a challenging time, as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens community conservation efforts across Africa, the newsletter provides an update on steps being taken to mitigate the impact and keep gorillas safe.

Also in this issue:

  • Rangers in the Virunga National Park save an infant gorilla from a snare tragedy
  • A series of deadly attacks increase the pressure on the Virunga’s ‘thin green line’
  • Graduates of the Gorilla Organization’s literacy programmes are transforming their communities
  • How the Gorilla Organization’s newest corporate sponsor came face-to-face with gorillas in Uganda
  • And more…

Digit News 51, along with all recent past issues, can be downloaded from the Gorilla Organization’s Resources Page.