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Help Keep Our ‘Miracle’ Gorilla Babies Safe

There's been a gorilla baby boom this year. But these infants need your help to survive.

Please Donate Now to keep these precious mountain gorilla babies safe 


In what has undoubtedly been a terrible year for so many people around the world, Mother Nature has been fighting back. In the forests of Uganda, there has been a gorilla baby boom. More gorillas are being born than conservationists have seen for years – maybe even decades. It really is a Christmas Miracle!

             Where baby gorillas have been spotted in Bwindi

So far, we have seen 11 babies born to the gorilla families living within the protected Bwindi forests this year. This is a big increase on the usual four or five being born every year. This is encouraging news. And rangers are particularly delighted that the baby boom comes so soon after the tragic death of the charismatic silverback Rafiki. After a difficult period for everyone, these new arrivals bring new hope for an entire species.

But baby gorillas are so incredibly fragile. The forests they will grow up in are now more dangerous than ever. Our rangers are finding a record number of snares – crude but deadly traps that are particularly bad news for young, inquisitive gorillas. If they get caught in a snare, a gorilla can lose a limb, or even die a slow, painful death.

This Christmas, we’re asking you to give these brave rangers the equipment they need.

Every day, they put their own lives on the line to protect this new generation of endangered gorillas. In the tough terrain they patrol, with heavy rain, sharp rocks and brutal thorns never more than a few steps away, even the most rugged equipment can wear out in a matter of weeks.

We urgently need your support to replace worn-out boots, ripped waterproofs and broken tents – to say nothing of laptops and handheld GPS sets that have been broken in falls or by the rain that gets everywhere in the forest.

So far, the infant gorillas of the Bwindi forests are doing well. They are being kept safe from poachers and illegal mining. And thanks to the tireless ‘thin green line’ of rangers, there hasn’t been a single case of a gorilla dying of COVID-19. This is another real miracle.

One of the miracle babies born in the Bwindi forests this year
Baby gorillas are naturally cautious and this makes them vulnerable to snares

But we can’t rest for one minute. This Christmas, these gorillas need your help. 

Young gorillas are dependent on their mothers for the first three years of their lives. And both mother and baby are totally reliant on our rangers to keep them safe from harm.

Will you make a donation to help make sure our rangers have everything they need to keep this Christmas ‘miracle’ going? And will you help make sure that vets like Gorilla Organization Trustee Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka are ready to rush to save gorillas who are caught in deadly traps?

Mother Nature has given us all a reason to hope at the end of such a terrible year. We must ensure it carries on. Please click here to give these precious gorillas your help once more today.

Thank you!