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Beehive Appeal: Keep Gorillas Safe from Forest Fires

Gorillas are the mightiest creatures in the forest But their survival could depend on some of the smallest...

Illegal beehives are causing more and more forest fires. Farmers need to ‘smoke’ the bees to calm them down when they’re collecting honey. So they have to light fires to make smoke. With masses of dry leaves and dead wood among the undergrowth, it’s so, so easy for those little fires to run out of control.

And there’s nothing more terrifying than fire in the forest. As soon as they sense it, gorillas panic. Mothers lose their babies. Silverbacks lose their troop. Young gorillas lose their way. Alone, it’s so easy for gorillas to run into deadly traps set by poachers.

Huge forest fires have already devastated vast areas of the forests on the border of Uganda and Rwanda.

We need to do more to get illegal hives out of the forest and protect more gorillas. Will you help us by being part of our Beehive Appeal to keep Gorillas Safe from Illegal Fires?

By working with farmers to build their hives outside the forest and giving them queen bees to start new colonies, we are making sure that fire won’t destroy gorillas’ homes and lives. With your support, we can carry on this vital work and create a giant ‘Bee-lectric’ fence of 1,000 hives around the edge of the forest.

This keeps gorillas safe from COVID-19 as well as other deadly human diseases. It will keep wild animals inside the forest too (even elephants are frightened of bees) and stop them trampling farmers’ crops.

The honey these bees provide is vital for local people. Since the pandemic, people have been forced to rely on what they can grow themselves and on what they can forage for or hunt in the forest. Now they can rely on nutritious honey closer to home. They can also any surplus to help them keep their children at school and buy the essentials they need.

Your gift will:

  • Train 1,000 bee farmers to be part of the giant ‘Bee-lectric’ fence,
  • Keep our beekeeping project going, reducing the risk of deadly fires
  • Provide more queen bees and basic beehives for local people, so they can feed themselves and their families
  • Enable more villagers to grow plants that support pollinators
  • Support essential ranger patrols to spot and remove illegal beehives

Download, read and share the Beehive Appeal here.