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Meet ‘Toby and Hilary’

Bill Oddie stars in three more short films for gorillas. Celebrity conservationist Bill Oddie has gone back to his comedy roots for a series of short films made for The Gorilla Organization.

A partnership between The Gorilla Organization and Camden-based Earl productions, the films centre on the lives of the well-meaning but slightly misguided primatologist Sir Hilary (played by Oddie) and his adopted mountain gorilla, Toby.

The four short films featuring the two characters were officially launched at the 2015 Great Gorilla Run in London and have already been grabbing the attention of gorilla fans around the world. Additionally, just days after their launch the films were shortlisted for ‘Ad of the Week’ by the influential marketing industry magazine The Drum. After an overwhelming wave of support from members of the public, as well as professionals in the advertising industry, ‘Gorillas Need All the Friends They Can Get’ won and was named Campaign of the Week, bringing the message to even more people.


Producer Tim Earl explains: “We wanted to create a series of films which helped raise the plight of gorillas but in a light, playful way.” Director Riccardo Sai added, “Through a mix of humour and charm, we particularly hope to engage a younger audience.”

Following on from the first film, which was designed to promote the iconic Great Gorilla Run, three more films were launched with the aim of raising awareness of the Gorilla Organization’s award-winning Gorilla Adoption scheme.

“Gorillas really do need all the friends they can get,” explains Jillian Miller, Executive Director of the Gorilla Organization. “Through these films we hope to show just how alike humans and gorillas are and, though not everyone can have a silverback living in their own home, they can make a real difference by adopting a baby mountain gorilla and giving it the best chance of survival.”