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Great Gorilla Raffle 2014 winners drawn

The lucky winners of the 2014 Great Gorilla Raffle have been announced - but as always the real winners are the gorillas we can save.

The lucky winners of the 2014 Great Gorilla Raffle have been announced. As with previous years, three supporters won cash prizes after playing their part in helping safeguard the last remaining gorillas in the wild. 

Over the summer, thousands of tickets were purchased by our supporters, as well as by their friends and family, helping to raise much-needed funds for frontline conservation projects in Africa. As well as being used to help fund ranger patrols and ongoing research into the behaviour of gorillas, the money raised through the raffle will also support the Gorilla Organization’s pioneering community development initiatives, all of them geared towards reducing local reliance on the precious gorilla habitat.

The draw was carried out by Executive Director Jillian Miller and Fundraising Officer Lydia Francis.

As always, the winners were drawn at random at the Gorilla Organization’s London office. The first prize is for £1,000, the second prize for £500 and the third prize is £100. The 2014 winners are:

1st Prize: Mrs J B Dawson: Ticket number 057851

2nd Prize: Mrs S Cross: Ticket number 079564

3rd Prize: Miss P J Rentall: Ticket number 166478