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Appeal: Giving gorilla babies a safe, peaceful start to life

Mountain gorillas only conceive once every four years and so each baby is incredibly precious. It’s vital we act now to keep them safe.

Mountain gorillas only conceive once every four years and so each baby is incredibly precious. They’re already critically endangered and the threats they face make their chances of survival even slimmer. Gorilla mothers are wonderful parents, but they’re prone to stress and sickness and newborn babies are fragile. And even the best gorilla parent can’t protect their infant from threats such as poachers’ snares or gunfire.

The good news is that gorilla mothers needn’t struggle alone. With regular observation of new and expectant mothers, expert rangers can spot worrying signs quickly and act on them straight away. And by monitoring their surroundings these rangers can make sure the gorillas they dedicate their lives to protecting are living somewhere that’s safe. But they can’t keep up this vital work without you.

Jillian Miller, Executive Director of the Gorilla Organization, explains: “We’ve come such a long way, thanks to you. Since I wrote to you last September, asking for your help to save the mountain gorilla, your generosity has achieved so much. You helped us put many lifesaving plans into action that address the first three pledges in our Gorillas Charter. With your support, we’ve made sure our ranger patrols have all they need to protect gorillas from harm.

“We’ve made great progress in reducing the number of snares that trap vulnerable babies, leaving them to die. And we’ve been protecting their habitat by planting trees and making sure that local people can grow their own food and firewood, without destroying the environment mountain gorillas depend on. Now let’s pull together to protect mothers and babies There’s just one pledge left to fulfill and it’s the most important yet.”

By protecting mothers and their young ones, the next generation of mountain gorillas will be kept safe from extinction. Above all, mothers and their vulnerable newborn babies and infants need to be given the protection of dedicated ranger patrols, allowing these youngsters to flourish in peace and security.

It’s vital we act now. Please send a gift today, before time runs out for the mountain gorillas. With your help, we can be the generation who saves this sensitive, loving and intelligent animal from extinction.