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Bandits attack house of Communications Manager
05 May 2009

The Gorilla Organization’s Goma based communications manager Tuver Wundi has escaped a harrowing house attack. On April 12 at 8pm four gunmen broke into Wundi’s home tying up his family and threatening to kill him, before making off with money, objects of value and journalistic equipment including cameras and camcorders. 

The attack is a stark reminder that although conflict in the region may have settled, our employees in the field still face daily threats undertaking the most day-to-day actions. Although shaken Tuver has dealt with his ordeal with extreme bravery and is already back under-taking communications duties.


for further information or photographs contact:

David Hewitt, Communications Manager
The Gorilla Organization, 110 Gloucester Avenue, London, Nw1 8HX
Tel: 020 7916 4974
Mobile: 07801 971123