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'Secrets in the Mist' celebrates enduring legacy of Dian Fossey
06 December 2017

The life and legacy of Dian Fossey looks set to inspire a new generation, thanks to the global launch of a new TV mini-series on the pioneering primatologist.

While she was fictionalised in the movie 'Gorillas in the Mist', starring Sigourney Weaver, and while her journals may still be must-reads for anyone keen to learn about the private lives of primates, the film came out back in 1988, meaning a whole generation is unlikely to have heard of Dian.

Now, however, National Geographic, which helped to fund her research in the mountains of Rwnada, has released 'Secrets in the Mist', a mini-series that will take a fresh look at the woman who would go on to inspire budding conservationists in Africa and right around the world.

As well as her pioneering research techniques, which involved getting up-close to their gorillas, gaining their trust and then essentially becoming one of the group, her unsolved murder will also receive fresh attention.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph to mark the launch of the show, Ian Redmond recalls how her techniques were far from conventional. Now a world-renowned primatologist in his own right, as well as the Chairman of the Gorilla Organization, Ian joined Dian as a research student keen to learn from the legendary Dr Fossey.

What struck him above all was the way she was able to get close to her, allowing her to gain a better understanding of mountain gorillas than anyone had previously managed.

"The gorillas approached and looked very closely into her face," Ian says. "The way they gathered around her it was clear she wasn’t just an observer."

While Dian's life was cut tragically short with her 1985 murder, her legacy lives on. Conservationists she mentored have gone on to enjoy stellar careers in primatology themselves, and many of her initial observations about gorilla behaviour are still used by researchers today. Additionally, through the Digit Fund, set up in honour of her favourite gorilla – himself also brutally killed – Dain helped lay the foundations for the Gorilla Organization. 

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