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Presidential visit to Goma Resource-Centre
12 September 2008

At the Gorilla Organization’s resource centre in Goma, DR Congo, preparations have begun for the annual tree ceremony that takes place in October. To the great surprise and honor of the Gorilla Organization’s Congolese staff the preparations were visited by the parliamentary president of North Kivu province, Mr Leon Barihanga Rutuye.

Mr Barihanga admired the different species of trees growing at the Goma resource centre which will be distributed to local people living around the gorilla habitat and planted to provide a buffer zone for the national park. When the trees are fully grown they will provide a sustainable source of wood for the communities.

Henry Cirhuza, the Gorilla Organization’s Congolese programme manager introduced the Gorilla organizations programme and Mr Barihanga was very eager to see the activities continue in the North Kivu province of DR Congo.

“It is a real honor that the parlimentary president took the time during his trip to the province to visit the Gorilla Organization”, said Henry Cirhuza.

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