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Latest Appeal: Help end poaching for good
03 October 2013

The gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest known no peace. Every day, these shy but charismatic creatures have to live with the threat posed by thousands of deadly snares.

Extreme poverty and a lack of skills drive young men into poaching. Many learn it from their fathers, as a deadly cycle goes on through generations. But there is another way. Training reformed poachers in sustainable agriculture and teaching them how to grow food for their families provides them with alternative livelihoods and ensures Bwindi's gorillas are left in peace.

The Gorilla Organization has now launched a new appeal for funds to support the vital, innovative work it is carrying out in partnership with the Rubuguri Reformed Poachers Association. The Association helps former poachers earn an income without having to rely on the natural resources of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Since the start of the project, thousands of seedlings have been planted and dozens of former poachers have been trained to grow and harvest food crops in a sustainable manner. Project beneficiaries have also gained social and literacy skills to help them integrate back into society and so break the cycle of poaching forever.

With your help, even more poachers can give up their snares for good, leaving Bwindi's gorillas to thrive in peace.

  • £10 could help buy seeds, tools and fertilizer to grow vegetables and so generate an alternative source of income for reformed poachers.
  • £25 could help fund snare removal from the forest floor so that unsuspecting gorillas are not trapped and horrifically injured.
  • £50 could provide agricultural skills training for 3 reformed poachers, reducing their need to enter the gorilla habitat to lay snares for bushmeat.
  • £250 could provide veterinary treatment for gorillas injured by snares.

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