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Gorillas safe as Virungas volcano erupts
09 November 2011

Africa's most active volcano, Mount Nyamulagria, has roared into life again, with streams of lava flowing through the Virunga National Park, home to some of the world's last remaining mountain gorillas. 


After around two years lying dormant, the volcano erupted again earlier this month. Given that past volcanic eruptions in this part of eastern DR Congo have lasted for weeks or even months, volcanologists cannot say when Nyamulagria will go back to being dormant.


Speaking from Goma, where he is based, the Gorilla Organization's Tuver Wundi has confirmed, however, that, since the lava is flowing in a northerly direction, the Virunga's gorillas are not in danger.


"But the lava is flowing through the National Park, destroying lush vegetation and displacing, and even killing, some smaller animals," he adds.


Back in 2002, the neighbouring Mount Nyiragongo erupted, with its lava devastating the city of Goma, leaving hundreds of people homeless and destroying the Gorilla Organization's resource centre in the city. In comparison, this latest eruption is actually being welcomed by many, not least as it is attracting tourists to the National Park.



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