Welcome to the Gorilla News Room. Here you can find official statements and press releases from The Gorilla Organization, plus you can also stay up-to-date with our latest events and other announcements.

The 2016 Great Gorilla Quiz

The Gorilla Organization is pleased to say that the second annual Great Gorilla Quiz will be held at Agenda Bar in the City of London on Tuesday 5 April from 7pm.

Meet ‘Toby and Hilary’

Bill Oddie stars in three more short films for gorillas. Celebrity conservationist Bill Oddie has gone back to his comedy roots for a series of short films made for The Gorilla Organization.


Savoo partnership announced

The Gorilla Organization is pleased to announce a new Corporate Partnership Agreement (CPA) with Savoo Search, an innovative search engine designed to help people support their favourite charity while looking for things online.