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Latest Appeal: A new hope for gorillas
19 June 2013

Tiny, fragile and vulnerable: a new baby gorilla gives precious hope to a species on the edge of extinction. And nowhere is this more the case that on Mount Tshiaberimu, located on the northern tip of the Virunga National Park in eastern DR Congo.

Here, in the midst of ongoing insecurity, rangers have discovered a new baby born to the Katsabara Group. To help ensure this precious baby – and his family – survive against the odds in this troubled part of the world, the Gorilla Organization has launched a new appeals for funds for its conservation projects on and around Mount Tshiaberimu.

Katsabara's family are marooned on what locals call 'the Mountain of Spirits' where they share just 75 hectares of forest with one other group of gorillas. The land that surrounds the habitat is cultivated and densely-populated. Widespread poverty and food insecurity drive people into the forest to leave snares and to hunt bush meat. The gorillas can easily fall into the traps and become injured, sometimes fatally. The risk is even greater for a baby just learning to take its first steps.

For now, there's a lull in the violence, which could last for days or even just hours. But it means rangers can reach the gorillas and regain their trust. At the same time, the community projects you have so generously made possible continue. They include a TB vaccination programme and the development of sustainable agriculture. There are also regular radio broadcasts to explain the importance of the gorillas and, despite the insecurity, there has been a significant change in how local people regard these magnificent animals.

Despite the incredible achievements of the work being done here, the gorillas of Mount Tshiaberimu still need your support if they are to survive and prosper against the odds.

  • £20 could help safeguard gorillas with regular ranger patrols monitoring their health and wellbeing
  • £50 Could help safeguard gorillas by equipping rangers and field staff with radios and GPS units
  • £100 Could help safeguard gorillas by funding vital veterinary care for sick or injured gorillas
  • £250 Could help safeguard gorillas by funding an anti-poaching ranger patrol to remove harmful snares from the forest floor
  • £500 Could help safeguard gorillas by funding a TB vaccination programmes for a whole community to stop the disease infecting gorillas

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