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Mount Tshiaberimu in Crisis
12 April 2012

At the beginning of March, the Gorilla Organization's London office received the following message from the head of the Mount Tsiaberimu Conservation Project:

"The security situation here is very bad and it is getting worse. My main news is that we have still not found Kiterwiterina, the adult female gorilla we've been searching for. She has been missing from the Katsavara gorilla family since November andThe new Solar Sisters will bring power to their Rwandan villages we are all so afraid that the rebels have killed her."

Though it is too early to say what has happened to Kiterwiterina, the loss of a breeding female represents a huge blow to efforts to ensure the long-term survival of a population that is now dangerously low in numbers; research and patrol posts have been destroyed by rebels (below right) and rangers are forced to risk their lives on a daily basis carrying out their vital work. At the same time, the continued presence of armed militia on and around Mount Tsiaberimu is also placing the Gorilla Organization's community development projects in serious jeopardy.

There are already far too few places left in the world where gorillas can be found living in the wild. Sadly, we now face the prospect of losing even this small population for good.

The Gorilla Organization has always been committed to maintaining a presence right whatever the cost. Now more than ever, we need your help to ensure that the gorillas of Mount Tshiaberimu have a future.

Will you help safeguard the mountain gorillas of Mount Tshiaberimu?

  • £15 could help pay for emergency treatment and veterinary equipment for injured gorillas.
  • £20 could help rebuild the ranger patrol posts on Mount Tshiaberimu so that vital gorilla monitoring can continue.
  • £40  could help fund essential supplies for rangers so that they can track the gorillas and monitor their location and well-being
  • £150 could help fund a communication relay station at Mount Tshiaberimu, as well as hi-frequency radios to help with monitoring and supervision

On Mount Tsiaberimu, it's quite literally a race against time to prevent this small population of mountain gorillas from disappearing forever. Anything you can give to support the crucial conservation work being carried out here will make a huge difference.

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