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A day of tree planting
03 July 2009

More than 1.5 million trees have now been planted in Africa by the Gorilla Organization to try and offset insatiable demand for firewood in areas of valuable gorilla habitat.

The need for timber is one of the most critical threats to gorilla forests, and the Gorilla Organization works with local communities to provide alternative resources.

The latest 700 trees to be planted were in the city of Goma in DR Congo to mark World Environment Day in June. The trees were planted by local students and villagers. There are another 1500 trees waiting to be planted in the rainy season.

It’s in support of  the United Nation’s Environment Programme campaign to plant seven billion trees (one for ever person on the planet) by the end of 2009.

This year’s World Environment Day carried the theme ‘Your Planet Needs You - UNite to Combat Climate Change’. After the tree-planting event in Goma, 450 people took part in a debate about climate change and its specific effects on the province of North Kivu.

The Gorilla Organization’s ongoing tree planting campaign has seen over one million trees planted throughout DR Congo and Rwanda, providing essential fuel for local communities.

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