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Independent Christmas Appeal 2007
18 December 2007

During December, The Independent newspaper will be publishing stories on the Gorilla Organization's work as part of its 2007 Christmas Charity Appeal.  

There is a great prize to be won in the struggle to conserve wildlife in Africa, amid the continent's overwhelming poverty. We could call it the invisible fence.  It does what a conventional fence is meant to do: it keeps people away from places where their activities or even their presence might cause environmental harm. But it does not stretch between posts hammered into the ground. For it exists only in the mind.
To read more click here - http://news.independent.co.uk/appeals/article3244721.ece  

When he had arrested the same poacher for the tenth time inside the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, chief ranger John Kahekwa, exasperated, asked the man why he kept doing it. "It's simple" the poacher said. "There aren't any jobs"
"If you had a job would you stay out of the park?" asked Mr Kahekwa.  "Yes" the poacher said. "I would"
To read more click here - http://environment.independent.co.uk/nature/article3260729.ece

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