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Latest Appeal: Deadly Snares Threaten Gorillas
06 September 2012

The Gorilla Organization has launched a new appeal for funds to help combat the worrying rise in the number of snares being laid in the gorillas' natural habitat.

With fewer than 800 mountain gorillas left in the world today, each individual matters. Sadly, the dense forests of Central Africa's national parks that provide these charismatic animals with the food and shelter they need to thrive also hide thousands of potentially deadly snares. Though left by poachers hunting antelope and other small mammals, gorillas can get caught up in the crude traps, with infants particularly vulnerable. This can lead to the losing a limb or even dying, lonely and afraid, from exhaustion or starvation.

The Gorilla Organization supports the brave men and women working on the very frontline of gorilla conservation. Men like Pontious Ezuma, the Area Conservation Manager for Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda. The men under his command trek into the forests everyday to check for snares and deter poachers. He says:

"The problem of poaching is just as serious today as it was when I started out as a junior ranger. In fact, at times, it is almost worse. Poverty and over-crowding in the communities located alongside the Mgahinga National Park push many people into the forests to hunt for food to feed themselves and their families. Here, in the dense undergrowth, they leave behind snares that can trap our mountain gorillas, sometimes with fatal consequences."

"My 20 years as a conservationist have shown me just how important rangers are in the fight to save gorillas from extinction, but I have seen how they often struggle with their vital work due to a lack of proper equipment, which is why your support means so much. With your help, we can ensure these brave men are able to go into the forests day after day to remove the snares that place the lives of our precious mountain gorillas in jeopardy."

Your gift will make a huge difference, helping ensure the survival of the critically endangered mountain gorillas for generations to come.

  • £15 could provide emergency treatment and veterinary equipment for injured gorillas
  • £20 could fund a survival pack for one ranger, including food, water and waterproof clothing, so they can endure the tough conditions they face tracking in the forest
  • £30 could fund a first aid kit for rangers in case they are injured in the field
  • £50 could help fund camping equipment for rangers when they have to stay in the forest overnight
  • £200 could help fund a GPS tracking unit to help rangers monitor the gorillas in the forest and make it easier to verify their whereabouts


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