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Ian Redmond to lead Uganda gorilla trek
15 February 2012

The Gorilla Organization is teaming up with The Great Projects, a multi-award-winning responsible travel company, to offer a once-in-a-lifetime mountain gorilla trekking and community development volunteering trip to Uganda. 

On this trip, travellers will have the opportunity to visit the mountain gorillas not once but twice, with the addition of being able to learn all about the critically-endangered animals from the world famous great apes expert Ian Redmond, who worked closely with Dr Dian Fossey (Gorillas in the Mist).

This gorilla tour also includes a four-day excursion to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, where travellers will be able to track wild chimpanzees, take an unforgettable boat trip on the Kazinga Channel - home ot hundreds of hippos and buffalo - and go on game drives in search of elephants, lions and other African wildlife.

Alongside this, the tour also offers the chance to see the Gorilla Organization's award-winning conservation and development projects in action. The cost of the tour includes a donation to the charity, with the money generated to support initiatives such as the Pedal Powered Cinemas dedicated to educating local communities across Uganda about gorilla conservation.

"We are calling on all wildlife lovers to be part of this experience and help us bridge the gap between local people and the gorillas who share the same vulnerable rainforest habitats. This really is an amazing opportunity to see the gorillas in their natural habitat and to learn all about them from one of the world's leading experts," says Michael Starbuck, Marketing Manager at The Great Projects.

This project includes both gorilla and chimpanzee trekking permits. For more information in this amazing opportunity, please visit The Great Projects at: http://www.thegreatprojects.com/projects/the-great-gorilla-project-with-ian-redmond

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