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Gorilla killed by poachers in Bwindi National Park
26 July 2011


On 17 June 2011, the body of blackback gorilla Mizano was found by rangers monitoring the Habinyanja gorilla group in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. 

Although the Uganda Wildlife Authority is still investigating, evidence suggests that three poachers had killed a small antelope caught in a snare when they came across young Mizano in the forest. The gorilla seems to have died from spear wounds inflicted by the poachers.

Poachers in this area do not target gorillas for bushmeat, but the gorillas are nonetheless still falling victim to illegal activity in the protected gorilla habitat. In areas surrounding the gorilla national parks in Uganda, 90% of people are subsistence farmers, and poor harvests combined with a growing population has lead to increased pressure on the resources of the area.

People enter the gorilla habitat to feed their families: to collect mushrooms, to set up beehives and to lay illegal traps for antelopes and other small mammals. But the impact on the gorillas is devastating - their habitat is under threat and they are falling victim to the poachers.

The Gorilla Organization has launched an appeal to protect the gorillas of Uganda and beyond through a combination of ranger patrols to remove the immediate threats to the gorillas' safety and tackling the longer term threats through development projects including sustainable agriculture, gorilla-friendly bee-keeping and mushroom growing.

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