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Christmas appeal: Give a gorilla a tree
12 December 2012

The Gorilla Organization has launched an appeal aimed at helping address one of the biggest threats to gorillas in the wild; habitat loss.

Gorillas rely on lush, tropical vegetation for food and shelter, and each day they build themselves fresh nests to rest and sleep in. Dense foliage also protects them from predators, including humans. Trees, quite literally, mean everything to gorillas.

However, the gorillas' habitat is disappearing at a frightening rate. Over 10,000km2 is lost each year (an area larger than Wales) and it's not just mountain gorillas that are affected. Over the last 20 years, critically-endangered Cross River gorillas have lost 59 per cent of their habitat and eastern lowland gorillas in DR Congo have suffered a 52 per cent decrease in territory.

The Gorilla Organization has already planted more than two million trees, replacing some of those that have been cut down to produce charcoal over recent years. This helps create a vital buffer zone between the gorillas and their human neighbours, leaving them free to thrive in peace and security.

But, with deforestation continuing apace right across central Africa, we need your help to continue with this vital work. Money raised through the 2012 Christmas appeal will be used to plant saplings on the edge of the gorilla habitat. These will go on to provide a long-standing buffer zone, providing protection for gorillas and a sustainable source of fuel for community members who would otherwise have had to go illegally into the gorilla habitat.  

  • £10 could grow and plant a tre
  • £25 could fund the purchase of spades, wheelbarrows and other nursery equipment for the community's living next to the gorilla habitat
  • £50 could employ two full-time
  • £150 could plant 40 trees, replacing quarter of a hectare of lost forest


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