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Latest Appeal: Helping the gorillas' brave guardians
30 November 2011

The Gorilla Organization has launched a Christmas appeal for vital funds to help support the brave men working on the very frontline of gorilla conservation.

Money raised over the festive season will go towards helping men like Leonidas Barora, a member of Rwanda's indigenous Batwa community. For years, he was forced into the forests of the Volcanoes National Park in order to provide for his family. However, with our support, the 57-year-old has turned his life around and is now a member of the prestigious Sabyinyo II Volunteer Force of park rangers, putting his intimate knowledge of the forest to good use protecting the critically-endangered mountain gorillas.

Your support will help provide Leonidas and his colleagues with the equipment they need to carry on their valuable work protecting gorilla families.

  • £15 could help fund a pair of boots for a Volunteer Ranger to help him endure the tough trekking conditions of the forest.
  • £20 could help fund a kit bag for a Volunteer Ranger, allowing him to carry vital supplies of food and water while tracking gorillas.
  • £30 could help fund a literacy workshop in a local Batwa village to deliver literacy training to adults who will pass this knowledge on to others in their community.
  • £200 could help fund training in sustainable, organic farming methods to help Batwa communities generate income and reduce their reliance on the gorilla habitat. 

Whatever you give will make a valuable difference in efforts to ensure gorillas, and their guardians, prosper for many years to come. Thank you.



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