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Christmas Appeal: Will you provide a lifeline for the eastern lowland gorilla?
15 December 2016

The eastern lowland gorilla has just been classified as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED: The next step is extinction. Unless you will be their lifeline?

Gorillas are peaceful creatures - the largest primates on Earth. They live in family groups made up of adult females, juveniles of both sexes and a mature male silverback. The silverback will protect his family to the death - but he can't protect them from the threats they face today. That's why gorillas so urgently need your help.

They fall victim to local people hunting illegally for bushmeat, to poachers hunting for skins and food, and to the destruction of the forest where they live. Just like the young mother our rangers recently found in the forest, trapped in a snare that brought a solw and agonising death.

Your regular support is already hard at work. But we must do more right now to save our few remaining gorillas. Can our 'cousins' count on you? Will you make an additional gift to help them today? With your continued support, your gift will help the Gorilla Organization:

  • Provide more ranger patrols to protect the most vulnerable gorillas from poachers
  • Remove the cruel snares that kill and main so many gorillas
  • Protect female gorillas so they can breed and raise their young in safety - females don't have their first baby until the age of 12, and then only breed around once every four years. They are the future of the species, so we need to give them even more protection.
  • Rescue baby gorillas from deadly traps and snares - if we can get there in time, we can save their lives
  • Work with local people to help them feed their families and get the firewood they need without going into the forest
  • Reform more poachers to protect the gorillas - these are the men who know exactly how hunters go about their business and precisely where to find their snares and traps.

Your regular support is already making a difference. But gorillas still desperately need your help. Will you help us protect them this Christmas and beyond?

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for further information or photographs contact:

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