Field Notes

Our project leaders in Africa are on the front line of gorilla conservation. Here you can find the latest news from the field and an insight into the work of a pioneering conservation charity.

Protection for Congo’s great apes

Effective conservation is all about cooperation. No matter how hard we work, we conservationists would not achieve much without the support of the authorities or without being able to work with other NGOs and charities.

Climate Change and Gorillas

If gorillas are to stand any chance of long-term survival, it’s the young generations whose help we need the most. So it was definitely very encouraging that I was invited to speak to university students in Goma as part of their World Environment Day

Planting New Hope

The battle against habitat loss gains pace. It’s coming to the end of the rainy season here in DR Congo and we’ve been busy planting trees!

New trees bring new hope

Last week I was invited to a tree planting ceremony at a community in Kalehe Territory, South Kivu. The community is one of many that borders the Kahuzi Biega National Park, one of the last refuges of the endangered eastern lowland gorilla.