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Barefoot College comes to London
14 September 2012

UK Friends of the Barefoot College is set to hold its official launch event in London this September, with members of the public invited to attend and learn more about its pioneering work.


Taking place in Central London on the evening of Thursday 20 September, the event will see Justin Mundy, director of the Prince of Wales's International Sustainability Unit introduce the college's founder, Bunker Roy.

There will also be a short premiere, from the Sundance Institute, of 'Solar Mamas', giving a little more of the story. The short film is an intimate observational documentary that follows three women with limited formal education as they take a life-changing journey from their home villages in Africa and the Middle East to India in order to become educated in solar engineering.

The Gorilla Organization has worked with the Barefoot College to send women – most of them grandmothers and nearly all illiterate - from Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo to the Rajasthan institute, where they received training to become solar power engineers. Some of these 'Solar Sisters' have already returned to their home communities and are currently working on providing dozens of homes with a reliable source of power for the first time. 

The UK Friends of Barefoot College launch will take place at One Knightsbridge Green, London, SW1X 7NW, from 6.30pm. For more information, visit: www.friendsofbarefootcollege.org

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