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Loss of a father and a colleague – Alexandre Wathaut 1944 - 2008
13 June 2008

It is with honour and sorrow that the rangers of the Virunga National Park, partners of the Congolese wildlife authority (ICCN) and members of the local community said goodbye to Alexandre Wathaut, the director of the Virungas National Park in DR Congo on 12 June 2008.

Wathaut began his career with the ICCN in 1971 and rose to the rank of director in 2005. He had been a great supporter of the work of the Gorilla Organization and will be sadly missed. Henry Cirhuza, manager of the Gorilla Organization’s Congolese programme, said, “Wathaut was a great listener and a great partner to the Gorilla Organization”. On the sheaf of flowers laid by the Gorilla Organization the words read, “we will never forget you”.

Wathaut had not only been a great partner to the Gorilla Organization, but he was also the father of Alexandrine Wathaut, secretary of the Gorilla Organization’s Goma resource centre in DR Congo. At the funeral Alexandrine warmly thanked her colleagues for their support and the moral contribution of the organisation during these painful times.

Alexandre Wathaut died on June 10 2008 following a heart attack. He was buried at the ICCN headquarters at Rumangabo where hundreds of people gathered to show their last respects. He will be sorely missed. 
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