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World Environment Day 2010
03 June 2010

Thousands of events and activities will take place around the World on Saturday 5 June to mark World Environment Day (WED) 2010, which this year celebrates the theme 'Many Species. One Planet. One Future.'  The Gorilla Organization is hosting a number of events in and around the gorilla habitat that will engage local communities with their environment and encourage the long-term protection of the endangered mountain gorillas.

In Rwanda the Gorilla Organization is sponsoring the 'cleaning of the Karimbi', which involves the removal of all weeds and exotic plant species from the national park. Keeping the forest clear of non-indigenous plants allows native species to flourish and the sensitive forest ecosystem to remain in balance. A healthy ecosystem is vital for the long-term survival of the gorillas and other forest species.

In DR Congo the Gorilla Organization is hosting a live debate at the university in Goma ( L'Universite Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs ). The debate, which will focus on the WED theme 'Many Species. One Planet. One Future', will allow students and residents to discuss local environmental issues and celebrate all that is unique to the Virungas National Park.

International attention will be heavily focused on Rwanda this year since it was chosen by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to be the host country for WED 2010. The selection of Rwanda by UNEP is a testament to the country's commitment to environmental and conservation issues.

Rwanda's WED celebrations will climax with the annual Kwita Izina Ceremony, where all the baby gorillas born in Rwanda during the last year are officially welcomed into the world and given a name. This is a very important ceremony for all Rwandans and it celebrates the success of gorilla conservation in the country. The Gorilla Organization has had the privilege of naming two precious baby gorillas in the past and it looks forward to taking part in the celebrations again this year.

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