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Appeal for funding
19 March 2010

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Following the tragic death of infant gorilla Nsekanabo, who sadly died from his wounds after being caught in a snare last month, the Gorilla Organization has launched an appeal for funds to help secure a future for the next generation of mountain gorillas.


Poaching is just one of the threats facing mountain gorillas in the wild – communities living around the gorilla habitat continue to face conditions of extreme poverty and are forced into the protected forests not just to hunt animals for food, but to collect clean water and wood for fuel and building, or encroach on the parks to provide land for subsistence farming.


The Gorilla Organization supports the rangers and trackers who provide immediate protection for the gorillas, while tackling the longer-term threats facing their habitat through grassroots community-based sustainable development projects.


Thanks to years of dedicated work, the mountain gorilla population is no longer in decline – but there are still fewer than 750 individuals left and they are critically endangered.


Please support our appeal for funds to help secure a future for the world’s remaining gorillas in the wild.


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Your support will really make a difference. 


Thank you.


for further information or photographs contact:

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