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Environmental Education
Communities around DR Congo's national parks
Mountain and eastern lowland gorillas
Local Partner:   RTNC (Congolese Radio/TV) and Kivu Safari

The Gorilla Organization understands that to secure the survival of the world’s last gorillas, it must first secure the support of the communities living alongside gorilla habitat. Many people are not aware of the need for conservation efforts and do not understand the impact human pressure has on the environment. To raise awareness on the need to protect the gorillas and their forest homes, the Gorilla Organization’s communications manager, Tuver Wundi - based in DR Congo - produces an environmental radio show, and also works on Kivu Safari, an environmental and current affairs magazine.

The overall objective of the project is to raise awareness on the gorillas, environmental issues and the need for conservation. The specific objectives are:

  • To broadcast a weekly environmental radio programme
  • To produce and distribute Kivu Safari environmental magazine



To help foster a positive attitude towards conservation, Tuver has been producing ‘Radio Cosmos: Notre Monde’ since 1998, airing the environmental radio show from DR Congo’s national radio company on a weekly basis. Topics covered in the shows include: gorillas and why we should protect them; deforestation; the role of women in conservation; climate change; the Gorilla Organization’s activities; and protection of the national parks. The programmes are broadcast over an area of 100Km2 and reach an estimated 750,000 listeners.

Kivu Safari magazine is helping to raise awareness and generate interest in conservation in a similar manner, covering environmental issues through articles and stories. The Gorilla Organization began supporting Kivu Safari in 2000, and it now produces an average of four copies per year, reaching up to 20,000 people. Two pages per edition are dedicated to publicising Gorilla Organization project activities, as well as raising awareness on gorillas and the need to protect their habitat.

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