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On the road through Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda
At a Coltan mine in Kalehe, near Kahuzi Biega
Add both children's ages together and they'd still be underage
"They can't afford to go to school," said the head man of the town
DFGF's Vince Smith and Stanley Johnson, who has recently joined the Board
The Fund's efforts through the Durban Process to tackle illegal mining
Even on market day, local miners sell tourmaline
has the support of the head man of the region
They return after 3 hours trekking and more than an hour with the gorillas
The trek took no longer than 4 hours
They make a brief stop at the Pygmy Ladies Sewing Project
With support from DFGF and Pole Pole Foundation, this project is thriving
Stanley also visited the Olive plant in Bukavu
Through this plant, most of the coltan mined in the region passes
At Bukavu airport, some girls ham it up for the camera
But also show their sweeter side
DFGF director Greg Cummings meets WCS senior conservationist, John Hart
Gorilla! Gorilla! Gorilla! - they talk of nothing else for 3 days
Stanley refreshes with a dip in Lake Kivu
Careful to avoid the gasses the lake emits
For a moment we wonder if he is swimming to Rwanda
Soon Stanley is back in the forest, this time trekking mountain gorillas
Stanley interviews the rangers to learn about the hardships they must endure
This ranger was almost killed in an ambush in 1996
A moment's respite in 6 hours of trekking
But they still found nothing It may be insecurity or a particularly dry season
Nonetheless, the mountain gorillas are the life-blood of the region
brining tourism dollars which in turn give these children a brighter future
Daily Telegraph photographer Andrew Crowley
Stanley talks to the ranger who will guide him to meet Eastern lowland gorillas
On the path to the park
It's all up hill from here
Andrew thinks its a walk in the park
They reach Chiminuka's group at the top of a steep ridge
Stanley's first encounter with the greatest of the great apes
The primary forest of Kahuzi Biega is thick and impenetrable
Chiminuka's not particularly sociable on that day
mainly because he is in such deep thicket it is difficult for him to see us