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Corporate Sponsorship
25 June 2008

Your organisation can help fight three of the most fundamental issues of our time...

Extinction: Continued growth in human population has seen a significant decrease in wildlife population and gorillas are amongst the world's most edangered species.

Poverty: One in every two people living in Sub Saharan African survives on less than 50p per day.

Climate Change: more than 80% of the earth's natural forests have already been destroyed.

...by getting involved in one dynamic charity

If gorillas are to survive in the context of the African's other significant challenges, we need to consider bigger picture. The Gorilla Organization's projects provide viable alternatives to the unsustainable use of the gorilla's habitat - and by doing so, alleviate poverty, restore the forest and reduce carbon emissions - taking great steps to save the world's last remaining gorillas from extinction.

So ... do you want to make a difference?

You can get involved by:

Funding a Project: fund one of our many conservation projects in central Africa and see the difference you can make.

Sponsoring an Event: sponser the Great Gorilla Run and we can include your company on all promotional materials plus give you free places in the run for a company team!

Charity of they Year: choose us as your charity of the year and get your staff fundraising for (and often dressing up as) Gorillas!

For more information about our work and how your company can get involved, please call  Abi Girling on 020 7916 4974 or info@gorillas.org.

for further information or photographs contact:

David Hewitt, Communications Manager
The Gorilla Organization, 110 Gloucester Avenue, London, Nw1 8HX
Tel: 020 7916 4974
Mobile: 07801 971123