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Help the gorillas this Christmas
08 December 2010

Christmas is a time for friends and family, for peace and goodwill to mankind. For pioneer gorilla conservationist, Dr Dian Fossey, living and working in the Virunga Volcanoes in Rwanda, the festive season was always a poignant reminder of what she had sacrificed to dedicate her life to the gorillas.

So each and every year Dian brought Christmas to the Rwandan mountains. She decorated the entire research camp – trees were set aglow with candles, tinfoil garlands swayed between the cabins and popcorn hung like baubles from every branch. Gifts, which Dian had collected on her travels, were beautifully wrapped and throughout the day were distributed to the staff and their families, who spent the day with her eating, drinking and singing carols.

Twenty-five years ago the celebrations took place at Karisoke as they always had, but sadly this was the last Christmas Dian would ever see. On Boxing Day 1985 she was brutally murdered in her own home.

That December the world was robbed of its leading gorilla conservationist. But Dian’s legacy lives on in the work of the Gorilla Organization, and we believe that she would have been so proud of the work we have done and everything we’ve achieved

As the festive season approaches there are many things we all wish for, and had Dian been celebrating Christmas this year there are a number of things that we know she would have wished for too.

  • To provide much-needed supplies for gorilla rangers on the frontline of conservation
  • To grow and plant trees that will help to replenish the gorilla habitat
  • To reduce human pressure on the gorillas’ forest home
  • To work with communities to spread the message of gorilla conservation
  • To secure a future for all the remaining gorillas in the wild

Please help us fulfil these wishes this Christmas by making a donation of £10 today.

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Your gift will enable the Gorilla Organization to continue the vital work protecting gorillas that Dian Fossey began all those years ago. If we do not continue to fight, the gorillas will not survive.

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