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'Secrets in the Mist' celebrates enduring legacy of Dian Fossey
The life, and death, of Dian Fossey is the subject of an inspiring new TV mini-series
06 December 2017
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Great apes around the world are in danger as unsustainable mining decimates their habitat
Rangers on Mount T have finally managed to take some photos of the baby gorilla there

The chief warden of the Virunga National Park was shot four times in an ambush

The Solar Sisters are busy transforming some of the poorest villages in Rwanda
Regional volunteer Phred shares her tips on spreading the message of gorilla conservation
Two silverback mountain gorillas have died in Bwindi in the space of one month
Gorilla Organization staff in Goma are celebrating the end of the uprising in eastern DRC

The winners of the 2013 Great Gorilla Raffle were drawn this week at the Gorilla Organization's London office...

A new project is giving poachers an alternative living, and keeping gorillas safe from lethal snares
Hundreds of furry runners joined Bill Oddie to celebrate the tenth Great Gorilla Run
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