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Honorary President Stanley Johnson enters celebrity jungle
The Gorilla Organization's Honorary President Stanley Johnson is set to enter the "I'm a Celebrity....
16 November 2017
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The world of gorilla conservation is mourning the loss of one of its brightest lights, Vital Katembo.

Vital was the GorillaOrganization's first employee in DR Congo and played a crucial role in getting key conservation projects off the ground. Above all, he was the first to take on the considerable challenge of setting up a programme aimed at safeguarding the small population of gorillas living on Mount Tshiaberimu, known to locals as 'the Mountain of the Spirits'.

As well as ...

The Cross River gorilla is to be given extra protection in Cameroon

The winners of the 2014 Great Gorilla Raffle have been announced. As with previous years, three supporters won cash prizes after playing their part in helping safeguard the last remaining gorillas in the wild. 

Over the summer, thousands of tickets were purcahsed by supporters, as well as by their friends and family, helping to raise much-needed funds for frontline conservation projects in Africa. As well as being used to help fund ranger patrols and ongoing research into the behaviour ...

Hundreds of runners have taken part in the annual Great Gorilla Run in London
Western lowland gorillas could be badly hit by an Ebola outbreak, scientists have warned
Chairman Ian Redmond has marked World Ranger Day as he climbs Kilimanjaro
Ian Redmond OBE is to climb Africa's highest peak to raise money for gorillas

The Gorilla Organization has launched its 2014 raffle to raise vital funds for gorilla conservation

Great apes around the world are in danger as unsustainable mining decimates their habitat
Rangers on Mount T have finally managed to take some photos of the baby gorilla there
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