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Honorary President Stanley Johnson enters celebrity jungle
The Gorilla Organization's Honorary President Stanley Johnson is set to enter the "I'm a Celebrity....
16 November 2017
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The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Europe has changed its name to the Gorilla Organization (GO)
Hollywood movie star Daryl Hannah was guest of honour at a ceremony to open a new water cistern in Rwanda on World Water Day in March.
11 January 2006
Watch our Congo mission "Apes in Danger" on Wednesday 11th January 2006 on BBC2, 7.30pm
International Gorilla Week 2005, sponsored by Rainforest Cafe, 24th-30th September.
Launched to mark the 20th anniversary of Dian Fossey's death, No One Loved Gorillas More is a delightful coffee table book with breathtaking pictures by Bob Campbell and foreward by Dr Jane goodall.
In November 2004, a family of eight gorillas in Uganda, led by the silverback Nyakagezi, disappeared over the border into Rwanda, not to be seen again until April this year.
After more than eight years successful community-based conservation activity around the gorilla habitat in Rwanda and DR Congo, the Fund has taken the decision to move its field headquarters to neighbouring Uganda.
01 January 2005
With more than three million people reported to have died since the start of the Congolese war in 1996, the gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have at times been left to their own devices.
The Mount Tshiaberimu Conservation Project in DR Congo have recorded two new gorilla births in recent months, bringing the total population for this remote and isolated group to 20 gorillas.
Two famous gorillas have died in the past few months, each in very different circumstances.
Pop icon Adam Ant returned to the studio in September for the first time in six years to record a new version of his hit single Stand and Deliver, renamed Save the Gorilla.
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