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'Secrets in the Mist' celebrates enduring legacy of Dian Fossey
The life, and death, of Dian Fossey is the subject of an inspiring new TV mini-series
06 December 2017
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On 22 July 2007 four gorillas belonging to the Rugendo group were slaughtered by gunmen in the southern sector of the Virunga National Park. Alongside the group's dominant male, silverback Senkwekwe, the bodies of the adult females Neza, Safari and Mburanumwe – who was pregnant at the time of her death – were found lying just yards from the Bukima patrol post. Three weeks later, rangers found the remains of adult female Macibiri. Her infant, Ntabiri's, was missing, presumed dead...
The size of the Oruzogo mountain gorilla group in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda, now numbers 16 following the recent birth of two babies. Rangers working to habituate the group to tourists have reported that dominant silverback Tibirikwata fathered both of the infants, with the mothers being named as Birungi and Mutesi. As yet, however, the babies have yet to be given names, with rangers even struggling to determine the sex of the pair as their mothers are keeping them well away from prying eyes...
The Gorilla Organization joined politicians and conservationists from around the world to see 22 baby mountain gorillas at the seventh annual Kwita Izina ceremony.
Another pair of mountain gorilla twins have been born in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park
A new mountain gorilla baby has been born to an adult female in the troubled Rugendo group, rangers have reported.
New data suggests eastern lowland gorilla numbers have increased in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, eastern DRC, over the past seven years, despite the troubles seen across the region.
Five Congolese women – affectionately known as the Solar Sisters – have been welcomed home after spending six months in India taking part in a unique initiative to promote the use of sustainable solar energy in the villages close to the gorilla habitat in DRC. The women, all grandmothers, left their villages at the start of November 2010 after being picked to take part in a joint initiative between the Gorilla Organization and the Barefoot College in Tilona, India. Here, joined by women from around the world, they learned how to identify electronic components, fabricate circuits, and install and maintain solar units.
The Gorilla Organization has launched an appeal for funds to support the next generation of gorilla rangers in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The appeal is inspired by the story of Pili-Pili, a former hunter from the Bambuti pygmy tribe who has been working on the frontline of gorilla conservation for five decades, risking his life on a daily basis to monitor the gorillas' health, remove poachers' snares and protect the endangered population from harm.
On Sunday 20 February, Stanley Johnson reached the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and waved the Gorilla Organization flag in celebration. Stanley who turned 70 in 2010, climbed the 19,341ft mountain to raise much-needed funds for the gorillas.

On his descent from the summit of the highest freestanding mountain in the world, Stanley sent the following message to the Gorilla Organization’s head office in London.

“I ...

The Gorilla Organization is excited to announce the birth of an extremely rare pair of mountain gorilla twins in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.  The twins, who were born on 3 February 2011, are only the fifth set of twins ever recorded in the history of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas.

The mother, known fondly to rangers as Kabatwa, belongs to the Hirwa group of gorillas and is reportedly proving to be an excellent mother. Kabatwa is one of fewer than 800 mountain gorillas ...
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