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Rwanda doubles cost of gorilla permits
The price of the permit to visit the mountain gorillas living in Rwanda has been doubled
18 May 2017
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After six days, 'Mr Gorilla' has finally finished crawling the London Marathon
Tom Harrison – now better known as ‘Mr Gorilla’ – has captured the imagination of the nation as he attempts to crawl the London Marathon.
Once again, Team Gorilla will be out in force on the streets of London for the world-famous marathon
A British national newspaper enlisted the help of the Gorilla Organization for a field report
Act now, before it's too late
Go ape and join Team Gorilla for the 2017 London Marathon
Gorilla Organization Chairman Ian Redmond has spoken out following the escape of a silverback from his London Zoo enclosure
The 2016 Great Gorilla Run was the biggest in five years as hundreds went the extra mile for conservation
The eastern lowland gorillas has joined the mountain gorilla on the 'critically-endangered' list
The Great Gorilla Run is just weeks away - and it will be bigger than ever!
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