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Baby Uzarama: May 2009 – September 2009
04 September 2009

It is with great sadness that rangers in the Rwandan Volcanoes National Park have reported the death of a baby gorilla, born in May to the Gorilla Organization’s adopted gorilla Amy.

Rangers carrying out their regular observations of Group 13 discovered on the morning of Tuesday 1 September that the baby had died The reason is unknown. Amy carried the body for several days, which is quite common for gorilla mothers who lose their infants.

The baby was born in May. It was too early to tell if it was male or female. Sadly, it is not the first time that Amy has lost an infant. Her two previous babies also died.

In June, it was with great honour that Gorilla Organization Executive Director, Jillian Miller, was invited to name the baby at a special gorilla naming ceremony ‘Kwita Izina’ in Kinigi in Rwanda. The baby was given the name ‘Uzarama’, which means ‘Eternal’ in the local language.

The father of the baby was Agashya , the dominant silverback and head of Group 13. There are now 25 individuals in Amy’s group.

The Gorilla Organization staff in Rwanda have all expressed their sorrow at this news.

Uzarama was one of eighteen baby gorillas born in Rwanda over the last year to be named at the Kwita Iwina ceremony, showing a steady birth rate in relation to previous years.

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