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2014 Great Gorilla Raffle launched
03 July 2014

The Gorilla Organization is celebrating the launch of its 2014 raffle, the perfect chance for supporters to do their bit to help endangered great apes and possibly winning a big cash prize.

Just as with previous years, supporters old and new are invited to buy as many raffle tickets as possible, or simply to help sell them so as to raise valuable funds for pioneering gorilla conservation projects.

As well as playing a valuable role in the fight to keep gorillas back from the edge of extinction, supporters also stand a chance of winning one of three top prizes. These are:

  • First prize: £1,000
  • Second prize: £500
  • Third Prize: £100

Jillian Miller, the Gorilla Organization's Executive Director, said: "Just like our amazing Great Gorilla Run, our annual Gorilla Raffle is a valuable source of fundraising for us. Everyone who buys some tickets really does make a valuable difference, with all the money raised going to support our pioneering community conservation projects in Africa.

"Sadly, gorillas still need our help as much than they ever have done. Their habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate and, without ongoing intervention, the forest that does remain will be littered with snares, each one a potential death trap for infant gorillas."

If you would like some raffle tickets, either for yourself or for others, just contact Lydia Francis, the Gorilla Organization's Fundraising Officer, on 020 7916 4974 or email info@gorillas.org

The closing date for the 2014 raffle will be 22 September, with the draw taking place at the Gorilla Organization's London office on 29 September.

More information about the raffle, as well as the terms and conditions, read the document below (PDF)

Gorilla Organization Raffle Terms & Conditions.pdf (File Size 39k)

for further information or photographs contact:

David Hewitt, Communications Manager
The Gorilla Organization, 110 Gloucester Avenue, London, Nw1 8HX
Tel: 020 7916 4974
Mobile: 07801 971123